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Breeders of Lovingly Handfed Exotics


Our goal here at MMB is to breed healthy, happy, well adjusted birds who will go on to become loving pets or loving, caring and productive parents. We strive to do this by maintaining our breeder flock in the best way possible. This includes providing an excellent diet and maintaining cages, nest boxes and such so as to provide the most comfort and security for the parent birds. We believe a bird who is healthy, happy and secure will be the most productive breeder.

We also believe there is a lot of money in raising birds. We know that for a fact because we’ve put it there.

So why do we do it? It’s because we love it. We love the birds and all their various whistles, calls and noises. And we love the babies even with all the time, care and nurturing they require. Seeing those helpless, featherless things blossom into gloriously beautiful creatures is our reward.

Your reward could be to own (or be owned by) a beautiful, well adjusted bird from Margie’s Marvelous Birds.

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